What I could do in a single day

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What could I do in a single day, a single sun-up to sundown with the voice silenced?

A single day that I don’t turn to my right, hand on the refrigerator door, and look clear across to the mirror in the dining room, at the paunch and ask, “are you sure you need that snack?”

One day in which all the mirrors don’t laugh at me, and in which I don’t hear the constant buzz to pull the shirt away from my belly as I sit.

A single day without razor-wire covered social media.

One day without the chances for success slipping like the driest sand.

What could I do with that rolling silence, room to breathe in a whole breath with none of the smog of “do more.”

What could I do with a quiet night, its ghosts silenced, instead of bringing back old shards of things I should have forgotten years ago and scraping them on my sleepless skin?

A day like that would unfurl with all its majesty, in all its languid beauty and whisper, “You can do anything.”

And I’d believe it.

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