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Someone is Watching

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When I was in Catholic school, the nuns used to say that we should be good in every moment because God was always watching.  It freaked me out a little, this Big Brother deity.  I spent way too much time I should have been playing with my Barbies wondering instead about the logistics of this […]

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The Journey from Illegal

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In the jumble of feelings and paperwork that is a divorce, my naturalization certificate disappeared.  My ex said he didn’t have it.  I knew he did.  Last week, 5 years after it went missing, it wordlessly appeared in a manila envelope along with my monthly child support check.  No, “Oops,” or “My bad.”  Such is […]

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Every Scott gets a yes

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After my divorce I read a book about attracting your soul mate. One of the exercises you were supposed to carry out was to write letters to him as if he was already here. Feeling goofy, I decided to give it a try nonetheless. I mean, any excuse to write. Mostly, I filled up the […]

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The Unlikely Wedding Officiant

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I turn the channel away from the wedding shows, even the ones in which the brides are being impossible.  I secretly thrill when I read about the break-ups of celebrities.  When the ladies at work are ooh-ing and aaah-ing about the latest engagement ring (and I work in engagement ring central, another one just dropped […]

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A Dear John to the Port Authority

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For everyone who has commuted via mass transit into New York City.  Or anywhere else, for that matter. Port Authority, I don’t like how you’re treating me. Let’s start with the way you talk to me. When I hear your infernal chimes, I know you’re about to unload something insincere on me . I know […]

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A Hurricane of Anger

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It only takes me 4 days with no power and heat to see violence in a whole new way. I don’t participate in any. Or even consider it, not really. But I feel it bubble up inside me, the call of an ancient ancestor, my effective friend. It rises up in me when I see […]

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Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday

1995, in Spain. PS – what is with these dumb socks?    

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Watch Maria on Immigration

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      Watch Maria on the topic of immigration.     http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2603636212423893556    

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Watch Maria on NY1 on Immigration

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Watch Maria on NY1.

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How Much Do You Need Facebook?

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When I first got on to Facebook, I had it bad. It was so beautiful. So pretty and white and blue. In fact, like a teenager discovering the opposite sex, I wanted to be with Facebook all the time. My friend list quickly ballooned up to 900 as I indiscriminately accepted every friend request that […]

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