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One scary question

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Twenty years ago, newly in possession of my first computer, I typed in to whatever passed for a search engine back then, “I want to die.” This is not easy to write, today. I am a mother of young people on the cusp of adulthood, born a few years after this moment. I don’t want […]

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A cold blanket covers everything. Your favorite spot to gather berries, down near a river, is frozen through, the bushes spiny bristles outlined starkly against the white. You’ve got some dried ones, but if you want to eat, want to have energy to ward off this cold, you’ve got to use your bow to hunt […]

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Mystery solved

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It is no surprise to regular readers that I am terrified of solo home ownership. I grew up in an illegal basement apartment, then in other rentals. I had never lived in anything much bigger than a one-bedroom apartment until I moved into what seemed to me an impossibly massive house at the age of […]

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Sweet Home Alabama

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Sweet Home Alabama

Last November, I was scheduled to go to two trade shows, back to back, one in Macon, Georgia, and one in New Orleans. It was my job to bring them in within budget, and when I crunched the numbers, taking into account flights, shipping trade show materials, taxis to and from airports, it became obvious […]

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New novel underway

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Publishing is a bruising business. As regular readers know, I parted ways oh-so-amicably with my agent earlier this year. She was awesome, but didn’t seem to love the direction of my writing, and although it scared me to bits I set off into the uncharted waters of trying to find a new one. Querying is […]

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The merchants of lies

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Today, Donald Trump tweeted that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand “would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions… (and would do anything for them).” He ended his rant with “USED!” Deep sigh. Everyone who has been alive longer than twelve years understands that when Trump said the senator would “do anything” for contributions, he was suggesting […]

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A night of soot

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My heart, full of soot, dark. Rife with canaries I refused to hear. My hands hurt. Siphoning off all joy and spark Just today, but telling me the story of every day that’s left. I am the rock with no more blood to give. I am the fallow field. I am the song that everyone […]

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Gratitude in the cafe one morning

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Thank you, legs, that walk so firm. Thank you, smile across the counter. Thank you, world knowledge in my hand, hawk suspended high above my head, warmth that rumbles on. Thank you, baskets filled with bounty, store I meander into without a second thought. Thank you to everyone who built this peace and bounty One […]

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I want to know what you think

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THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY is just 10 reviews away from the “holy grail” of Amazon milestones: the 50-review mark. Legend has it that Amazon algorithms pay more attention to books with 50+ reviews. At forty, I’m so close! If you’ve read SECRET SIDE, and enjoyed it, please take five minutes to help get me […]

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The holiday blues

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When I was around thirteen or fourteen, my father sat me down and said, “Things have been tough this year. There aren’t going to be a lot of presents this Christmas.” He wasn’t breaking big news on the “things haven’t been good” front. Our phone had been disconnected for over a year by that point […]

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