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Facing the critics

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Writing a book about something you’ve considered your biggest secret for most of your life has its challenges.  One is, well, telling the secret.  For the most part, telling has opened me up to the strength in the truth and the knowledge that most people are kind and compassionate.  I’ve learned time and again that […]

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Profiled in NJ.com

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Check out my very first interview!  Talking about my book was everything I thought it would be.  The reporter asked great questions and put me at ease.  NJ.com profiles  The Secret Side of Empty. Find all the media coverage so far on my brand new Media page.  (Not bad for my first week!).

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Adventures in publishing

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I am really enjoying this book publicity stuff, as I knew I would.  I am living the dream! When I was a little undocumented girl living in a ratty basement, I would entertain my parents by putting on fashion shows with feather boas and wigs, making entrance after entrance just so that I could change […]

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Sneak Peek: First stops of blog tour announced!

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Word is starting to spread about The Secret Side of Empty!  My 30-stop blog tour will kick off on a very special day:  June 14th, Flag Day in the U.S. and… oh, yes!  My birthday!  One of the best birthday presents! Here is a sneak peek of the blogs which will host the first four […]

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The Great Gatsby – a review

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I will confess to having made it through advanced placement English classes all through high school and an English major in college without having read The Great Gatsby.   (There, I said it).  Which served me well when I was invited to go see Leonardo DiCaprio as The Great Gatsby.  My expectations were low.  They […]

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It’s official! I’ve signed my book deal!

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On Wednesday, May 15th, I took a stroll over to my wonderful agent’s office to sign my book contract. I didn’t think signing the actual contract would feel like much of anything, since I’ve known this was a done deal since January.  But, somehow, it made it all very real.  My brother came along as […]

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Angelina Jolie’s choice

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When I was little, I would lament the fact that I didn’t have blue eyes to my mom. “Why are my eyes not blue? Why are my eyes so ugly?” I would ask. “Be grateful you’re not blind,” she would answer. For years I thought that meant that all blue-eyed people were blind, or at […]

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A tribute to Tim Hetherington

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I didn’t know Tim Hetherington, but I kind of wish I had. Although I don’t know what a war photojournalist would have had in common with a soccer mom, I somehow think he would have found a way to bridge the gap. He seemed like that kind of guy. I won’t get to find out, […]

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Oh, disappointment, how I loathe thee

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So… I can’t use my book’s title.  The title which has been its title since the book started as a glimmer of an idea.  The only title I’m SURE is its title.  The same title I’ve been Googling since 2007 to make sure it is available.  (It was, until about a month ago). IT IS […]

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The shame of the Obama administration

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The first time I saw Barack Obama speak, in 2004, I knew one day he would be president.  He just had to be.  On a business trip to Chicago, I read Dreams From My Father and the feeling intensified.  Here was a man who was insightful and sensitive, his view of the world nuanced and […]

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