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Blog tour, day 2!

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Here’s a guest post I did about one of my big influences (in life and in writing).  Click here to read it on Take Me Away – a book blog. Also, on today’s second stop, I write about how music influenced The Secret Side of Emtpy.  Click here.  

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The blog tour begins!

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I wanted to start my blog tour today, on my birthday.  I am one of the few grown-ups I know who still takes delight in her birthday as if I’m turning 5 instead of my actual age.  Balloons and silly hats?  Bring it on.  Getting the word out about The Secret Side of Empty was […]

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Why the Cheerios Ad is important

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Last week, a Cheerios ad with a biracial family made some waves due to the racist comments it elicited on YouTube.  It reminded us that race and different cultural backgrounds are still hot-button issues in America. I distinctly remember when Jennifer Lopez – with her then-seemingly-incongruous American/Latina name – burst onto the scene.  It was […]

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I love it when the future President of the United States has a sense of humor

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It seems that Hillary Clinton finally joined the Twittersphere.  Her bio is priceless.  My favorite part?  The TBD.  Click here to read it.

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Why PRISM is dangerous

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Yesterday The Washington Post broke the story that the U.S. and British governments are mining data on individuals on an unprecedented scale, with the cooperation of major U.S. internet companies like Facebook and Google.   The program is code-named PRISM. Under PRISM, the government has been given access to mine data directly from the servers […]

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Living the dream

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I once heard that life is about being dissatisfied.  The thinking goes it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Dissatisfaction is what drives progress.  Dissatisfaction with foraging led to agriculture.  Dissatisfaction with the horse and buggy led to automobiles. If that’s true, I have had a good run at chronic dissatisfaction (making me an engine of […]

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Facing the critics

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Writing a book about something you’ve considered your biggest secret for most of your life has its challenges.  One is, well, telling the secret.  For the most part, telling has opened me up to the strength in the truth and the knowledge that most people are kind and compassionate.  I’ve learned time and again that […]

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Adventures in publishing

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I am really enjoying this book publicity stuff, as I knew I would.  I am living the dream! When I was a little undocumented girl living in a ratty basement, I would entertain my parents by putting on fashion shows with feather boas and wigs, making entrance after entrance just so that I could change […]

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Sneak Peek: First stops of blog tour announced!

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Word is starting to spread about The Secret Side of Empty!  My 30-stop blog tour will kick off on a very special day:  June 14th, Flag Day in the U.S. and… oh, yes!  My birthday!  One of the best birthday presents! Here is a sneak peek of the blogs which will host the first four […]

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The Great Gatsby – a review

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I will confess to having made it through advanced placement English classes all through high school and an English major in college without having read The Great Gatsby.   (There, I said it).  Which served me well when I was invited to go see Leonardo DiCaprio as The Great Gatsby.  My expectations were low.  They […]

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