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Fundraising giveaway. Buy a copy of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and my entire author royalty on your copy will be donated to ACLU or United We Dream (your choice).

It’s “American Dream” week, which is a bit ironic since so many DREAMers are being denied their American dreams. DREAMers are kids who were brought over undocumented when they were minors, and who have grown up as Americans… without the proper documentation to stay. As someone formerly in this situation, I wanted to give insight into this experience to those who may not have shared it. My novel, THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY, was the result. Learn more about it here.

I hoped one day soon my book would be obsolete, but, instead, it is more pressing and urgent than ever that we understand what undocumented people in the US are going through and that we protect them.

I asked myself: how can I help? My answer: raise awareness. Raise some money. So here goes:

First, EVERYONE WINS SOMETHING FOR ENTERING. It takes 2 minutes. Order THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and my entire royalty on the copy(ies) you buy gets donated. Good on orders through September 1, 2017.

1). Win a set of 3 SIGNED bookmarks for every copy you buy, as well as one bookplate personalized to you. You’ll receive one set (3 bookmarks/1 bookplate, made out to whomever you wish) for each book you buy, so stock up on holiday gifts. Or, ya know, people have been known to send my book to their favorite “immigration hardliners,” so go wild. Raise some consciousness among the cold-hearted AND help me raise money to defend DREAMers. Win-win. All bookmarks/bookplates will go to the person sending the receipt, so you can distribute those as you see fit.

2). For every order through September 1, 2017, you are entered to win a goodie pack including a $100 Amex gift certificate, a SECRET SIDE T-shirt that says “No Human Being Is Illegal” (because duh), a special notebook, and other stuff.

3) Special for educators and librarians: If you specify in your receipt that you’re an educator (we’ll do this via the honor system) you’ll be entered to win a second prize of a classpack of copies of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY. The book is a favorite for summer reading lists and school libraries, and I’ll autograph each one to your class/school/library/whomever you indicate. I’ll send you an educator’s guide electronically so you can incorporate social consciousness and immigration into your curriculum. Winner also gets a free Skype call with his/her class/patrons during a mutually acceptable time.

How to enter:

Go to your favorite bookseller and order
THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY. I recommend the paperback, which is often discounted at many online booksellers. It looks like this:

Here’s a handy list of links:

Barnes and Noble
Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

Find an indie near you that carries it: Indiebound (note: Indiebound still has the hardcover image up, which is brown-ish and does not look like the paperback on the right. Same book).

Or purchase anywhere you like to buy your books.

Email your proof of purchase to mariaeandreubooks (at) gmail (dot) com

What to include in your email:

  • Receipt (scan or picture or forward)
  • Mailing address for goodie pack
  • Name you’d like on the bookplate(s)
  • Whether you also want to be entered in the educator’s class pack/Skype visit giveway
  • Where you’d like your portion of my donation to go (ACLU or United We Dream)

Donations for undesignated entries will be split evenly between the ACLU and United We Dream.

The purchase of even one book gets you the bookmarks and the book plate, and my author royalty on that copy goes to help kids in need right now.

So please help me help them! Thanks you.













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