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What’s weird is having a Twitter alert on my name and having it full of tweets in what I can only assume is Catalan.

My family name comes (at least in the past few generations) from southeastern Spain in an area called Murcia.  (16 in the map below).  But it’s not a Spanish name.  It’s Catalan (Catalonia is #9 on the map).  It doesn’t seem like far and it isn’t geographically, but culturally it’s a world away.  Catalonia speaks a different language and has been trying to secede from Spain forever.  It strikes me as so strange that I clearly have some ancestor that came from there but there is no hint of it in the family lore.  How many generations ago did it happen?  What’s the story?

You know me and not knowing things.

Geneological tools available in the U.S. aren’t particularly useful because they tend to focus on Anglo records.  So it’s going to mean a trip to Spain at some point.  I’ve been to the little town where some of my paternal family still live (where my great grandfather was one mayor and where half of the residents are related to me) and I think they’d be a good start.  So it’s added to the bucket list.

In the meantime, weird, Twitter.  Weird.


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