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Heads up: around the start of the year, when you come to visit the site you’ll be greeted with a whole new look.  I’m going to get what’s called a new theme for the site.  It will be more image-rich, will load faster and will render better on all devices.  So if you visit on your smartphone, the site should soon get a lot more attractive for you.

If you don’t like change… not to worry.  The look might be somewhat different but the content will be the same: eclectic, wacky and as changeable as my moods.  The home page will be a little more “static” and unchanging, tailored for first-time visitors. If you’re a regular reader (thank you, by the way), the daily updates will be posted in a “featured articles” area, much like the right column of my existing site.  All the content will still be there and I’ll continue to post as regularly as I do now.  If you’re a subscriber, you’ll continue to get email updates just like always.

Here are a few of the themes I’m considering.  Once I sift through all the boring techie considerations (responsive design, html5, search-enabled, etc.), I will let you know which one it’s going to be:

Option 1: click here

Option 2: click here

Option 3: click here

Note that all the images on those demos are just placeholder images.  I won’t have a woman in a native headdress anywhere on the site, I assure you.  I’ll have all the cool book-ish stuff you’re used to.

Thanks so much for being a regular reader!  I hope the new design will make it even more fun to stop by.

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