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computerHere’s a confession: part of my morning “to-do list” involves checking this site. It’s an old online marketer’s routine, making sure that your site survived the night.  This morning, when I checked the site, it was down. {Heart attack/hyperventilation}.  I called my hosting company, who gave me some mumbo jumbo about data centers and bridges and told me the site had been down two hours at that point.  No idea what they meant on the “data center/bridge” thing, but they assured me they were working on it.  An hour later, the site was back up.  (There was a 20-minute wait time to talk to them, highly unusual for this host, so clearly I was not the only one who was livid).

Three hours of downtime is an ETERNITY in web-land, so I am not pleased.  To compound my frustration, a little while ago, it seemed to go down again, this time for under a minute.  If you’ve been getting an error message when trying to access the site, that’s why.  I apologize.  I am doing everything I can to remedy the issue, including sulking heavily on the phone with my clearly-beleaguered hosting company.

If you ever come to this site (or any site, really) and you get an error message, please reload.  That should usually clear up the issue.  If it doesn’t, you can rest assured that someone somewhere is running around with her hands in the air, screaming and pulling her hair.

The internet.  Gah!

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