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Hello, sweet ‘ums. I’ve been quiet on here, but just know that I’m busy as a bee working on a bunch of cool projects. I’ve also got a slew of festivals this spring, so be sure to check out my Events page.

This week will make two months since what the interwebs tell me was the “shock” break-up of a two-year relationship (all was absolutely fine… and then it just wasn’t, no substantive discussion). I am in surprisingly good shape about it. I am usually the kind of girl who pines for months, even years, hoping the man will realize his mistake and come back, but with this one, I’ve moved through to a happier place pretty quickly. I swear it’s the exercise. I was sad at first, of course, but noticed I was a lot less sad when I went to the gym and spent some time on the elliptical. I began to hold onto that knowledge like a drowning person holds on to a floating object… and it’s kept me afloat. It would be kind of hilarious if this whole thing was put in my path just to make me get serious about exercise.

I am writing like crazy. I have two full-length projects out in the world looking for homes, two pieces coming out in anthologies (The first, Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove, will be out in a month. The draft of the second is due today. Eeek!). I have several manuscripts done and waiting in the wings, including one fantasy I’m workshopping for a week in May at Highlights, the well-respected writing community (which also puts out the children’s magazine). I’m really jazzed about that. I’m considering a low-res MFA, so this week of workshopping is intended as a test whether it’s a good next move. Since I’ll have an empty nest in September, it may be a good time to finally do the graduate-level work I’ve been contemplating for over twenty years. I’m such a nerd that I always assumed I’d get a Masters’, but then life and babies got in the way. Since the youngest of those babies now can grow a full beard, it may be time. We’ll see.

Anyway, so this is a bit of mish-mosh of updates, but wanted you to know I’m well, I’m here, I’m pouring my heart into stories and ideas, and I can’t wait to have more to share with you. As always, thank you so much for reading.

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