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I know people are understandably on edge about what can be seen as “positive” in these scary times. So, for the record, I know nothing about this is positive. But then there are these unexpected flashes of beauty or wonder, and that feels worth noting to me.

I was in Venice in November of 2018. I had expected to be turned off by its touristy nature. Instead, I fell absolutely in love. I began to plan to work remotely from Venice in March of this year. I had an unexpected financial turn early this year, and the math of it changed for me, so I cancelled the plans. I was disappointed. In a random turn of events, not being in Italy, far away from my children, turned out to be lucky. But who could have expected that this fate would befall Italy, or any of us?

I feel a deep kinship to a city that is so about beauty and whimsy and about showing off everything that’s uplifting about being human. When I was there, I had a long conversation with a man who made traditional Venetian masks. He was still pissed about Napoleon, like it had happened the month before. But in the midst of describing the destruction Napoleon inflicted on the city, he told me that Venice is a city that survives, above all. I think about him all the time, more so these days.

Anyway, they’re suffering, and that feels terrible. But they have dolphins and swans in the canals now, and that is an unexpected bright spot in all this darkness. Click here for pictures.

Hoping for safety and health for us all.

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