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I’ve officially been humbled as a grammar geek.  First, I spend nearly a week with the geekiest (read: coolest) group of grammar nerds I’ve ever met.  Next, my editor lays a punctuation term on me that just blows my mind.  Decades of serious book-loving and I’ve never even seen the word before.  Officially humbled.

The word is interrobang. This is an interrobang:  ?!  Could anything ever be cooler?  Of course, I’ve used plenty of interrobangs in my day.  (Until today, when I was told, “We don’t do that here,” kind of in the way that you’d speak to a child wiping boogers on a wall.  But in a nice way).  I just didn’t know I was interrobanging.  Had I known, I’d have put them in every sentence, just so that I could walk around saying, “Wow, that was a lot of interrobangs in that paragraph, right?!).  Interrobanging is my new passion.

And, PS, if it’s not a verb, it damn well should be. 



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