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“I gotta tell you, Jules,” Calvin comments on Friday night, one hand hooked over the wheel of his ancient Ford Explorer, “when I said I’d take you anywhere you wanted to go tonight, I wasn’t necessarily expecting
you to say Hackensack.” p. 136
Alternate endings to Romeo and Juliet
Option 1: Romeo says, “Hey, I think you’re super cute, but how about we both finish high school? And I’ll take you to a dance.”
Option 2: “Romeo and Juliet, inspired by his balcony prowess, take up rock climbing.”
Option 3: Romeo and Juliet date, drift apart, he goes to war (note, research: war in Verona at the time?), she has eight babies, they find each
other when they’re old, and they do die together, but on a great vacation after finally reuniting.
Option 4: Juliet didn’t die, wakes up in present day after a long suspended sleep, finds out people are touching the boob of a statue of hers
in Verona (true story) and launches a campaign to have the statue melted down, only to come into direct opposition with the mayor’s son, who
wants to “preserve” the town’s heritage, even though Shakespeare totally made up the whole thing. Enemies to lovers with the super cute
mayor’s son.  p. 117
More alternate endings to Romeo and Juliet . . .
Option 5: Romeo waited long enough to see, wow, okay, Juliet’s not dead, cool, and they live happily ever . . . Wait, did we get married in our teens?
They are now in their mid-twenties and Romeo is hanging out too much with the guys and Juliet resents him and . . . almost-broken-up but
rediscovering each other trope.
Option 6: Aliens land in Verona. They are looking for a shady place to take a nap, and it turns out that the Capulet family tomb is exactly what
they’re looking for (Lichen content? Correct temperature?). Anyway, they come upon the whole mess, and Romeo convinces them to take him
and Juliet up with them where they can live away from their overbearing families. It’s like outlaw cowboys, but in space. p. 221
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