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School Visit Topics

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Six Myths about Immigration in the U.S. Today

From “they take our jobs,” to “they should do it like our grandparents,” the immigration debate today  is full of misinformation and divisiveness.  Maria, a formerly undocumented immigrant who became a citizen thanks to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, brings a voice of compassion and common-sense solutions to immigration conversations in your school.

The Place Where the Light Enters You

The Rumi quote, “The wound is where the light enters you,” is the basis for a discussion about the words we use about one another, the wounds they cause, and the way that we can all contribute to a better world.  Informed by her own experiences of what labels like “illegal” did to her as a teenager, Maria leads a discussion filled with honesty, insight and, most of all, hope.

Writing for Teenagers and The Unlikely Route Through the Publishing Business

Let Maria talk to your writing group or conference attendees about her unlikely path to publication, about the one bit of advice that changed everything, and why so much of what you believe about getting published is wrong.

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learning English and all its quirks.
Plus falling in love and
a whole lot more
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THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY is an immigrant story.
But there’s a romance, a problem,
and a whole lot more.
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Assets for your school visit: high res photos, bio and more


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A school visit is an excellent way to bring a topic to life for students. When planning your author school visit, it pays to learn from the experts. Check out this great guide on expert tips for booking a successful school visit (and look for a tip from yours truly!). Click here

Tips for a successful school visit:


  • Collaborate with others in your school to plan the visit
  • Figure out what kind of presentation you want
  • Gather pricing information
  • Create a proposal for your principal or district
  • Speak to your PTA or other parents’ association to see what
    funding they can provide
  • Consider it an in-school field trip. Administrators who balk at
    the price tag for a school visit can sometimes be persuaded
    when they’re compared to the expense of a field trip


Now it’s time to raise the funds! A few ideas other schools have had
success with:

  • Approach local banks and businesses. They often have
    funds to host local activities.
  • Piggyback on another school event (back to school night, for
    example), and create a raffle or silent auction.
  • Send jars home for families to pitch in to “save their pennies.”
  • Crowdfund on Kickstarter or DonorsChoose and get all your parents and staff involved.

Additional possible funding sources:

  • Title I Funds – if your school qualifies for Title I funds, find out
    if your planned author visit is covered.
  • Explore Target Stores Community Grants
  • Grants for Teachers
  • Fundsnet Services Education and Literacy Grants
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Voya Unsung Heroes Award
  • McCarthey Dressman Education Academic Enrichment Grants
  • National Assembly of State Arts
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