Midday at RVN TV

It was great to be invited for an interview at RVN TV to talk about the upcoming Collingswood Book Festival, where I’ll be appearing, along with a ton of awesome authors. I come in at the [...]

My body, myself

In the early 90s, I belonged to one of those book clubs that shipped you books every month if you didn’t tell them not to. Their business model depended on people like me, lazy people who [...]

The unluckies

It is said that mothers shouldn’t play favorites, not even cat mothers. If that’s the case, I am probably a bad mother. And, well, maybe something of a crazy cat lady. When it became [...]

I am me

The other day, I was flummoxed by this suggestion: describe yourself not in relationship to anyone else, or to what you do. I thought. Hmm. The first descriptors that came to mind were out: [...]

The good days

It is an impossibly, heartbreakingly, stunningly gorgeous day. I am called to words as the devoted are called to song. In worship. In awe. Renewed, and made whole again by a thick blue sky, a [...]

When is it time?

When I was a kid and first exposed to Anne Frank’s diary, my first glimpse into the horrors of the Holocaust, everything seemed really cut and dried. Of course Miep and the others would [...]

In this, sisters

I am not a purse person. I carry my wallet and my phone in the back pocket of my jeans when possible, and only begrudgingly drag around a bag when only absolutely unavoidable. Still, I too have [...]

Well, I have lost you

An emotional weekend, which perhaps I’ll write about one day soon. When I wrote an email about my thoughts to a writer friend, she shared the following sonnet. Today, I’ll let Edna [...]

Bury me in Longyearbyen

I am afraid to die. To be honest, I find anyone who isn’t a little suspect. The annihilation of everything you are, snuffed for eternity? Holy smokes. If there is anything more profoundly [...]

The habit of anxiety

When I used to have to park my car in the street, I collected parking tickets by the boatload. They were cheap at the time – $15 or so, as I recall – but I’d let them fester, [...]


I’ve been swimming in the past lately. Last week was my 30th high school reunion. Last night I went out to dinner with an old high school friend who couldn’t make the reunion and who [...]

Things older than dirt: me

I had two teachers who changed my life: one was my high school English teacher, who had such an exuberant, quirky way of bringing literature to life (think: teaching Grendel with puppets to [...]

Gone with the rain

Monday, it poured. The rain came in sideways and chilly. It was relentless, the kind of rain that makes you understand why in biblical times they thought it might be divine retribution. It ran in [...]

Taking to the road

This past weekend, my daughter and I took a lo-ong road trip. She’s been accepted into four of her top-choice colleges, and now decision-making time begins. So we chose to visit two of them [...]

The Deepest Well

The other day, in the airport, I took an excursion to the bookstore. Airport bookstores are some of my favorite places – something about the careful curation of the offerings – and I [...]

A girl called Marvelous

On Saturday, I told myself I was due for a news fast. Wave after crashing wave of bad news has been leaving me drained, and I wanted a clear head and a fun weekend. With a bit of downtime but my [...]

Questions of power

This past week I got some disappointing feedback on my latest manuscript from an industry professional. (The feedback was, basically: do better). I ran through the usual gamut of emotions… [...]

Purely fun

The super cool author Jennifer Lynn Gillham was going on a trip… and offered to take THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY with her. (It wasn’t just SECRET SIDE. Follow her on Instagram to see the [...]

Books I ache to read

Here’s how I soothe myself when I am horrified by the massive derailment of our democracy that is currently underway. I tell myself, “This too shall pass.” Then I tell myself, [...]