Virtual Gift Ideas

“Adopt” an Endangered Animal The World Wildlife Fund is allowing the public to symbolically adopt an animal of an endangered species in an overall effort to save vulnerable species [...]

On an unprompted return

You make me want to put it down. The weight of this defense is tremendous, Wrought of the need to survive. To not let you see how breakable I am How broken I’ve been By your words and your [...]

28 days to go!

I’m so excited… just 28 days until LOVE IN ENGLISH is out in the world! Don’t forget to pre-order yours at your preferred retailer. Every book ordered prior to the publication [...]

Happy 2021!

Plenty has been written about why 2020 sucked as a year for all of us collectively, and I don’t have much of substance to add. I’ve experienced all the things you have: isolation, [...]