Spring 2021 books list

If you want your to-read pile to grow a hundred-fold, hop on over to the new Publishers Weekly list of upcoming Spring 2021 titles… and check out LOVE IN ENGLISH in the section for [...]

Exciting announcement!

With all that’s going on in the world, I am so excited to have a bit of good news to share: my upcoming novel, LOVE IN ENGLISH, has just been announced today and will be out in the world [...]

Bracing for the end times

When everyone is flooding my local stores the day before a snowstorm to stock up on tuna fish and toilet paper, I mostly laugh. When people are leaving shelves bare before the rare hurricane up [...]

Grandpa Bunny

“Ma, what’s the name of that picture book you used to like when you were little?” I’m used to out-of-the-blue queries from my daughter, a sophomore at a college two hours [...]

A sparkling new year

Hello, lovies! It’s been a bit since I’ve written. I’ve been busy at work on that Project Which Can Not Yet Be Spoken About, plus another fun treat I’m hoping will also [...]

Being just a bit kinder

In May I went to a writing retreat that was truly life-changing. Just eight of us, led by two award-winning authors at the top of their field, along with an awesome adjunct and visiting editors [...]

So they’ve gone

There’s a great, big spider that’s built a web outside my living room window. At first, I observed her alone. She built an exquisite web to span the entire width of the glass – [...]

As summer winds on

This weekend, I drop off my “baby” at college. It won’t quite be an empty nest… my oldest doesn’t go back for her second year for two weeks. But as I inventory the [...]

Bad Beginnings

You may remember me gushing about a writing workshop I went to in May with the inimitable Laura Ruby and Anne Ursu. It was a writer’s dream for so many reasons: it was at the fantastic [...]

When someone loves me

When someone loves me, I’ll fly high I’ll swoop low and feel safe I’ll twirl on a breeze and be light as a feather. “I love you,” says the wind. But the wind is too [...]