Are you white, Argentinian, Spanish… what are you?

The announcement of my second book stirred up questions about my identity. I wrote a post to explain those. It is here.

Are M.T./her little brother/her mom going to be okay?

It broke my heart when I started to do appearances to promote THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and I began to get this question. Readers had really connected with the characters, and were worried for their future. It was flattering, but also a little sad. I never want to make anyone worry.

Insofar as M.T. was born from my own adolescent experiences with being undocumented, then I can tell you that for the person that inspired that character (me!), things worked out better than I could have ever imagined. There was such a beautifully happy ending (still in progress) for me and mine that I often have to stop and marvel at it.

But there are hundreds of thousands of children, teenagers and adults currently in the impossible situation that M.T. finds herself in, at least as of this writing. I keep hoping that one day SECRET SIDE will just be a story about how things used to be. Unfortunately, it’s still much too real for way too many.

If you’re moved to learn more about the plight of Dreamers, and see how you can help, there are many great organizations. Look for one where you are. I like United We Dream.

Is the town where THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY based real?

Nope! But I’d love to live in a town named Willow Falls… wouldn’t you? Willows and waterfalls, two of my favorite things.

The town is intended to be in suburban New Jersey, and it’s certainly like many towns around where I live. I wanted it to have a certain urban proximity, and since New York City is the city I grew up around, I picked that one. And I also wanted it to be a place where people of abundant means and people like M.T.’s family might mix, and that happens in this part of the country. There is something about growing up without a lot of financial security, but seeing people with way more than you have, that I wanted to look at in THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.

Plus, well, I’m a Jersey girl.

That said, there are people having the same struggle that M.T. is having near you, guaranteed. And you may not even know it.

Was Nate based on a real person?

Ummm… kinda sorta, yeah. Many details changed to protect the innocent, but I had a wonderful first love, and he was a lot like Nate.

And that’s all I’m telling!

Meet the characters from THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY: click here.

Was Chelsea based on a real person?

I’ve been lucky to have great, lifelong friends in my life, so I definitely drew from those experiences to write a trusted, loyal, true friend. But Chelsea isn’t really like any of my friends, not my high school friends who saw me through a lot of the difficult experiences I share with M.T., and not my friends now. She was invented out of whole cloth. I do wish I had a friend like her, because she’s generous and sweet. I loved writing her.

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Who are the Characters in THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY

They have their own page! Click here to see it.

Are there Spark Notes for THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY?

Alas, no. I’m sorry if you have a paper due tomorrow. (I really mean that!). You can find out about the main characters and other things here.

But I’m told it’s a fast read. So if the paper is not due tomorrow, take a chance… you may be surprised how quickly you get through it. Which is sort of weird since it took me years to write it and get it published.

And, no, writing me will not make me send you secret Spark Notes. But I do love to hear from readers!

What does it feel like to be undocumented?

I wrote a piece about it. Click here to read it.

Is it true that THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY is really about your life?

No! Well, not really. Not exactly.

It’s true that, like M.T., I was undocumented as a teenager. Some other details fit, too. But M.T. is a teenager now (you know… as far as fictional characters are anything “now”) and I was a teenager… not now. I took the kernel of the experiences – the emotions, fears, secrets – and put them into a completely fictional character in a thoroughly fictional world having a totally fictional experience.

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