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  • “Adopt” an Endangered Animal
    • The World Wildlife Fund is allowing the public to symbolically adopt an animal of an endangered species in an overall effort to save vulnerable species around the world. When you adopt an animal, they also send you a cute stuffed animal version of your new adoptee. How cute!
  • Spotify Premium subscription
    • Who doesn’t love listening to music? Gifting a Spotify Premium Subscription is the perfect gift for anyone, whether it be your reminiscing grandfather or your music-obsessed teenage niece. New music at their fingertips whenever, wherever!
  • Kindle Subscription
    •  During these unprecedented times, people often distract themselves from life’s stressors with quality entertainment. With a Kindle subscription, your loved ones can enjoy their favorite book on a couch, bus, car, or plane whenever they want! 
  •  Book of the Month 
    • Do you have a bookworm loved one that reads almost a book a month? Gift a three-month membership at Book of the Month for under $10 a month. The service picks out five suitable suggestions each month and your loved one can choose which one they want to read. Help them stay up to date with popular up-and-coming novels!
  • A SkillShare Membership
    • We all go through phases… But some more than others. If you have a friend that loves to pick up new hobbies and interests, give them a six-month SkillShare Membership so they can learn new diverse skills. Keep an eye out for them on family game night!
  • A Cameo From Their Favorite Celebrity
    • Have a friend who obsesses over their favorite celebrity? This holiday season, get them a 60-second personalized video from celebrities like Lindsey Lohan or the cast of High School Musical. Their reaction will be priceless! 
  • A Streaming Service Membership
    • Streaming services are the new cable. Choose to gift a Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, or Disney + membership. You can binge watch your favorite holiday movies together!
  • Audible membership
    • Audible has been the most convenient and useful purchase I’ve made recently. Especially when you’re on the go, listen to the latest up-and-coming books on your way to work, school, or practice. Sometimes, for novels with intricate language or slang words, it’s easier to comprehend when you listen to it. Give your loved one an Audible membership. Believe me, they will thank you for it!
  • Virtual cooking class
    • Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of different classes that teach you how to make the perfect cocktail, apple pie, and even a whole Thanksgiving feast with credible, and sometimes even famous, chefs. Give your friend a virtual cooking class this holiday season and you can enjoy all your favorite dishes from the comfort of your own home!

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