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Okay, so I’m a total geek.  We’ve established this.  Due to this total geekdom, I may from time to time click on links and surf the Googles and find out new things about my book.  Because… my book!  In the world!  It never gets old.

Here’s what I found out today.  There is a site that lists what libraries currently have THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  It isn’t comprehensive, because my library system, which I happen to know owns 13 copies (see: geekdom, referenced above), isn’t on here.  But it still reveals some cool information, like the fact that there is a copy of my book in New Zealand, Singapore and Alaska, besides in libraries all over the U.S.

What the what!  Woot!!

Click here to check the list.  Be sure to put in your zip to find one near you.

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