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Life is awesome this balmy, gorgeous summer. In no particular order, here are my favorite things this week:

My new job. This week has been never-ending in the best possible way. The work is interesting and having two extra hours a day has given me time to do lots of awesome things. Like:

Fire. Since my commute now consists of walking downstairs, I am not exhausted at night like I used to be. So I get to build fires in the fire pit practically every night. Few things make me happier.

Morning hikes. Without commuting to eat up so much of my day, I get to go to my favorite woods (Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, in the town right next to mine), walk for an hour, meditate by a brook and STILL be at my desk by 9:00 am.

Unrelated to my new freedom:

Hard cider. My weird stomach issues continue so I’m in month three of no wine or hard alcohol (except I cheated for my birthday). But this week I discovered that I tolerate hard cider just fine. Happy to know I can still get a little buzz on.

Street paving. The road to my house had developed potholes big enough to hide spaceships. This week they started replacing it for the first time in a decade. My suspension is thrilled.

Rain. We are about to get a big, huge, honking summer rain. And I love that!

Stray dogs. Continuing my streak as the Stray Dog Magnet Lady, this week I found this adorable little chihuahua mix. A couple of blocks from my house on my way to a haircut. He came right up to me and hung out with me about an hour until I found his owner. He was a little ball of lovin’. We named him Lester, in honor of the street I found him on.

Here’s Lester:


Hope your week has been as wonderful as mine!

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