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Here are two awesome things I learned this weekend:

1. Feral chickens are a THING. Don’t ask me why I Googled it but I did. Apparently you can see chickens wandering around wild in places like St. Augustine, Florida and Fair Oaks, California. (It seems to be a warm weather thing). They fly up in trees to escape predators! In keeping with my obsession with seeing unexpected animals out free, I am now putting a feral chicken trip on my bucket list. Click here to find feral chickens near you.

2. Listerine and apple cider vinegar help slough off dead skin from your feet. What! I read it (you guessed it) online and set up a foot bath with the concoction immediately. Ten minutes of this and the rough skin came right off (with the unfortunate side effect of making my feet weirdly blue). After washing it all off – including the blue tint – I slathered on my new favorite thing, coconut oil and slept in fuzzy socks (hair, skin, face… there’s nothing coconut oil doesn’t make luscious). Now my feet are soft like a baby’s.

Disclaimer: I am not a podiatrist, pedicurist, foot expert or even much of a footwear aficionado. I am really not anyone from whom you should take foot advice. My anecdote is told strictly for your entertainment.

Besides loving on the Supermoon and redecorating my living room, these were my favorite things this weekend.

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