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Last night I had a dream that I ran a group home for family-less teen stars and authors and so was tasked with taking care of Shailene Woodley. She had a medical test scheduled and was going to go alone (she was a teenager but drove in my dream). I offered to go with her but then realized hers was scheduled at the same time as mine. I went to mine to reschedule so I could be with her at hers (why didn’t I call? Ugh, dream logic) and then they stuck me in the hospital for drinking too much lemon juice in my tea. A nice East Asian doctor told me it was a sign of a mineral deficiency. Fun fact: I forgot to put on pants on this trip to the hospital because Shailene Woodley was making me feel so guilty that she’d have to go to HER appointment alone.

Which leads me to think: Shailene Woodley is in entirely too many teen movies these days.

I watched Divergent the other day and there she was with her cool croaky voice and sheets of awesome hair. Playing her brother was the same kid who played her cancery boyfriend in The Fault In Our Stars. (Ewww). She was also in the other recent teen “it” movie based on a hit book, The Spectacular Now. If it’s based on a YA blockbuster, apparently Shailene Woodley must star in it. Which causes me to wonder: are we having a shortage of teen stars? How will teen movies get made if we’re going to have to recycle Shailene Woodley to star in all of them? That’s going to run the poor girl ragged and I’m not even going to be able to go with her to her doctors’ appointments. And I don’t want to feel so guilty I forget to put on pants anymore.

Save Shailene Woodley! Put other uber-cool young women in movies too!

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