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Hello, sugar cubes! Happy Saturday!  I just wanted to check in at the start of my day.  Without kids (they’re about to both go spend the day with friends), I have a fun day ahead and I thought I’d start it by checking in with you!

I had an awesome week – great visit at William Paterson University to talk about my book at their “Living Writers” speaker series and plenty of NaNo-ing. I also signed up for an awesome writing workshop in January in Austin (my early Christmas present to me).

Probably my favorite thing I did this week was make a list of all the writing projects I want to work on. (There are a lot). In order to be included in the list, they had to be a full plot in my head (so… more than just “it would be cool to write a book about a girl who goes to space camp and solves a murder”). Some plot and, for most, at least an intro chapter written. Seeing them all listed makes me happy and a little impatient too. I placed them strategically where I have to look at them every morning when I wake up.

Lastly, I think the belly cure worked. Call me a nut, but in order to test it I had my first Red Bull in months. I had gotten so sick that even one used to shoot through me with massive pain and… well, I’ll spare you the details. But this time… nada. I felt so fine I pushed the boundaries again at night with a shot of whiskey and a bit of orange juice (just as gross as it sounds, but it was the only alcohol left in the house since I haven’t been able to drink that forever either).

I was so amazed to wake up feeling normal and not like a steamroller just ran over me that I seriously entertained the idea of having a bagel just to see what would happen. But I held back. I don’t think I’m feeling brave enough to try the gluten just yet. But I’m definitely way better.

All is quiet in my house. Kids are going to be gone most of the day – my son at a Bar Mitzvah, my daughter at the mall.  Off I go into writing-land, and then out with the girls later. Life is like a box of chocolates… the kind you can eat when your belly stops turning against you!

Happy day!

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