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2015 has proven interesting so far.

I rang it in with my favorite people.  They went ahead and facilitated the biggest drunken stupor I’ve been in since Clinton was in office.  I rarely drink so I did not hold it well at all.  I let out secrets that weren’t mine to tell and otherwise made a fool of myself.  Luckily the people who truly love you love you no matter what so I moved through the moral hangover with great help.

I recovered from my debauchery remarkably well (I credit Italian soda, Emergency-C and about two gallons of water).  Then I went on a bit of a Sephora binge.  A girl’s gotta feel pretty, especially when a freight train is sitting on her head.

Despite this, I’ve been writing up a storm.  I’m feeling great about finishing up all the projects I want done in 2015.  I can’t wait for my writing retreat.  Actually, I feel pretty awesome about 2015 in general, both personally and professionally.  Big things are coming.

I hope it’s the same for you.  Keep your lovely emails coming!

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