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I’ve been neglecting you, lovies. My apologies! I’ve been soooo busy. But it’s all been fun busy, I promise. First, I’ve scheduled a bunch of events this spring, so go check out my newly updated Events page.
Click here.

Second, I parted ways with my agent (who is wonderful, but I was going in a different direction, so it was the right time). So I’ve been on the agent hunt.

Third, I’ve been writing like mad.

Fourth, I’ve been trying to update the look and feel of the site, and I accidentally deleted the whole thing on Friday. Oops. Thank goodness for backups. But that ate into writing time.

And, last and most important, this sexy ginger is keeping me very busy… and I am madly, giddily, ecstatically okay with that. (Yes, he really is that tall. That’s me in my highest heels. #PerfectManForMe). From talking for hours about anything without noticing the time passing, to spending long, lazy evenings at his place while he cooks for me, he’s wonderful for my heart but maybe less so for my blog word count. But I’ll take the distraction any day, so please be happy for me. It’s been a long and sometimes rough road to find him, as you of all people know best.

HBD, baby. I love you.













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