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I am researching book # 4, which is set about 50-100 years in the future.  I wanted to check out what sea levels might look like then to figure out where to set certain events.

I came across this map that scared the pants off me.  If sea levels rise 70 feet as some scientists (including Ken Miller of Rutgers University) predict, the place where my house currently sits would be above water but would be a small island in the Hudson river/Atlantic.  (Caveat: this won’t happen for a long time, so I will be long gone, but damn it).   And, of course, the effects of sea level rise become catastrophic to our current way of life well before they reach the 70 foot mark.

Here’s the story about the 70 foot rise.

Here’s the scary map tool.  See whether your hometown will be host to fish when it happens.

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