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This was a weekend in which I felt I did EVERYTHING I wanted to do.  I usually try to have all my major garden changes done before Mother’s Day – window boxes freshened up with new flowers, “big” garden changes made (transplants, big purchases).  That’s not to say I will stop buying new garden stuff after next weekend, but that I try to have everything looking spring-like out front before my kids show up with their heart-felt written notes and CVS-purchases presents.  It’s just an arbitrary deadline I like to meet.

So!  Very productive weekend.  I’m tan as a field hand and have a gash in my head (story in a few) but the garden is looking FAB.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I accomplished:

4 flower boxes filled with columbine, lavender and assorted herbs to hang on the railing by my front and back doors.
2 lovely fuschias hung on the hooks by the front columns (no work there, just expense)
5 planters filled with daisies and ivy and other assorted goodies (I have about 10 planters yet to get spruced up in the back yard… I may have a bit of a planter problem)
1 herb pot, my sweet dear that hangs on out my front steps, decked out with its usual lemon balm, verbena, rosemary and thyme (I also have some smoochie yum basil and parsley in the fleur de lis planters.  It all smells divine out front).
I put the awning on the pergola on the patio (thank heavens for kids who are taller than you are).
Put out the new garden flag
I finally built my four “victory garden” raised garden beds on the side of the house!!  I have been wanting to do this for years.  So excited.  (They were from a kit and they slipped right together… don’t be that impressed).  These will be an ongoing project, as I have to lasso my kids into helping me lug the 15 bags of top soil that it’s going to take to fill these things, plus all the plants it will take to make them gorgeous.  I will post pictures once they are done.

Oh, and there’s solar lighting absolutely everywhere now.  I’m pretty sure you can see my house from space.

Ah… right, I promised you the tale of the injury.  So I went out at night to make sure the solar lighting was positioned just so.  I was reminded, yet again, that I had abandoned a “street lantern” type light when it had fallen over and broken last summer (or maybe the summer before that?  I am prodigiously talented at ignoring things I don’t know how to deal with).  This thing is a monster, about 8 feet tall, and one of its lights had cracked off when it toppled due to the fact that I failed to secure it to the ground properly.  I lugged it upright and dragged it back by the new raised beds.  I was moving it to and fro, trying to figure out how I could get it to stay upright, when I felt a violent blow to the head.  Burglar?  Nope.  Attack of the solar street lantern.  Apparently the second light had rusted nearly off and when I started lugging it around it fell directly on my head.

Hmmm… why is my head wet? I wondered.  I put my hand to my crown and it came back bright red.  Oh, right, head wound.  I came in the house bleeding profusely.  But, never fear.  A bit of ice took care of it.  It takes more than a simple street lantern to crack a head as hard as this one.

Oh… in other news, I also submitted some important pages (which I believe will mean I will be out on submission soon!), went for a walk in the woods, had máte with mom, paid all my bills, wrote, took my son for the most adorable haircut he’s ever had AND I even had time for some interesting social interactions.

AMAZING weekend.  And you?

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