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I love it when I get a chance to just guffaw out loud.  This morning, I got that chance at CVS.

deflategateHere’s the Daily News cover about Deflate-gate.  I don’t understand a thing about it – why does deflating balls help?  Are there really grown men whose job it is to measure how inflated footballs are?  Why would a deflated ball help one team win over another?  Wouldn’t it give them an equal advantage (or disadvantage)?  Are some teams more vulnerable to soft balls than others?

Despite my complete ignorance on all these topics, this cover of the New York Daily News just made me giggle like a seventh grader.  You can always count on the Daily News to put something outrageous on the cover.  Zoom in on the details – the smaller headlines are actually pretty hilarious too.

Side note: you can still get newspapers made out of actual paper?  Who knew?

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