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I love the full moon.  I always try to get outdoors for a bit and gaze up at it, so I especially love it during the warm months when I can do it comfortably and maybe build a nice fire.  (Although I have been known to hunker down in my parka and mittens to look up at it in January).

June’s full moon is known as the Full Rose Moon, because June is the month when roses are blooming beautifully.  Native Americans called it the Full Strawberry Moon because June is when you harvest strawberries.  As much as I like strawberries, I like roses better, so I’m sticking with Full Rose Moon.  I have a special affinity to the full moon in June because June is the month of my birthday!  (Are you tired of hearing about that yet?).

Full moons have been known as days for magic for centuries.  Some of it must have been practical: before electricity, having a well-lit sky made nighttime wandering and farming possible in ways it wasn’t during the dark of the moon.  But, beyond that, some cultures believe that the moon influences more than the tides.  It is said that if you want to make a wish, you’re more likely to get it if you make it out under a full moon.

This year’s Full Rose Moon is officially on Tuesday, June 2nd at 12:21 p.m. Eastern time.  But who wants to make a wish at noon?  Better off gazing up tonight as the moon is waxing to its fullest.

I know what I’m wishing for.  Do you?

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