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Today is that yummy day when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the longest period of sunlight in our year.  Celestial events have long influenced humans, giving our lives a certain rhythm.  Now that we spend so much of our time indoors, we are less apt to celebrate things like the solstice.  (It’s one of the things I love about gardening – it makes me pay attention to the earth and the weather and the passing of the seasons).

But, still the summer solstice is worth marking.

In ancient times, elaborate rituals were planned to mark the summer solstice.  Bonfires were burned, feasts were served and gods were thanked.  There’s no need to set big logs on fire, but I, for one, will be marking the day with lots of time outside, a nice dinner, a lit candle and a big thanks to all that is for how wonderful life can be.

Wishing the best of everything to you.

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