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I have loved books for a long time, and probably one of the first people responsible for creating that love is the author Judy Blume.  No one spoke to me quite like she did, understanding my secrets and my fears, pointing a way without being ham-handed about it.  Her book, TIGER EYES, helped me realize that sometimes it was okay to be pissed off about the bad things that happen (as a “good girl” and straight-A student, I hadn’t realized that fact until then).  Her book FOREVER made me eager to figure out what this whole “sex” thing was about.  (It probably served as my first introduction to erotica – the page where the protagonists first have sex was dog-eared from the many times I revisited it at sixteen).  Her books validated me and made me feel okay.  I’ve read many of them time and again.

That’s why it’s been on my calendar for months: Judy Blume will be in a Barnes and Noble not far from my house tonight.  I will be there with bells on!  If you’re within shouting distance, stop by too!  She’s releasing her first novel in 17 years.  What an inspiration, now professionally as well as personally.  Here she is at 77 years old, still publishing.

If you’re not in the area, there are still other stops on Judy’s tour.  Click here to see the listing of her upcoming events.

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