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sonia manzanoIt’s a month and a half out and the schedule for the Texas Teen Author Festival has been posted.  And guess what:  I’m on a panel with Sonia Manzano (that’s Maria from Sesame Street to you).  WHATTTT!!!!  A girl crush 40 plus years in the making is going to play out right on the stage in Austin.  Sesame Street taught me how to speak English.  I’ve got some thanks to give.

The name of the panel is “Free to Be Me” and Ms. Manzano is on it because she has a new memoir out about growing up in the Bronx.  I got an advanced review copy of it at the American Library Association annual conference, so I’ll read it about 10 times before finally meeting her next month.  I was excited for the Texas Teen Book Festival already, but now this pushes it to a whole new level.

Click here for the full schedule.  Hope to see you there!

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