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This weekend, my daughter and I went to Barnes and Noble so that I could work on my manuscripts.  One is a full, completed draft and the other is the start of a different story. In solidarity, she took on the partial draft to give feedback (the kid is a born editor – all her comments were spot on).  I became engrossed in editing the full manuscript.  I didn’t remember that carting her around is like having my own personal paparazzo in tow, and she snuck a picture of me.  She has a way of doing that when I least expect it.

Although it looks like I have just gotten calamitous news, like that Donald Trump is buying all the houses around me to build a “tasteful” casino, that is actually just my face of concentration.  No neighborhoods were ruined in the editing of my manuscript.

Also, I’ll cop to the Red Bull but the jack o’lantern cookie was all her.

Thanks, kid.


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