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As I write, most of my neighbors are running around with their hair on fire about The Big Hurricane that’s on its way. In a community still suffering from Sandy PTSD, any suggestion of a replay gets people understandably nervous (I personally nearly lost my marbles during the nine days I was without power after Sandy, breaking into sobs like a crazy person as I waited on a gas line). The year before that, I had been without power for another nine days after Irene. So I know all about hurricane mayhem.

And, yet, I can’t seem to muster the energy to panic.

Maybe it’s my general lack of energy these days. Or maybe it’s an exhaustion with feeling afraid. I’m numb. I would rather just see what comes than anticipate the worst because anticipating is draining. So it may just mean that armageddon will come and I will not have my bathtub full of water. Such is life.

As it stands, I am having fun watching social media go nuts with the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt. My Twitter followers and Facebook fans are increasing, my newsletter subscriptions are up and there have been over 200 entries to win a copy of TSSoE. What can a hurricane do against that?

What’s that you say? A lot? Oh.

Anyway, I had some fun plans for Saturday night, although I’m not sure if I’ll now need to get to them by boat or if they will be cancelled. I almost accidentally wrote “by boar” in that sentence, which would have been hilarious in its own right. Arriving by boar would be pretty epic. It reminds me of the pig that was the pet at the haberdashery where we ended our walking tour of Austin last weekend. So, in honor of the pork population, I am ending this post with a picture of said Austin resident, the mascot at Dandy’s. Too cute for words.

God, I want to live somewhere with plenty of land for dogs and flowers and maybe even a teacup pig, somewhere where my taxes aren’t so high and I don’t have to work like mad just to stand still. I feel such tremendous weariness for this area right now. Or just such weariness in general, I guess.




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