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At the start of November, I came into a little extra cash. Wanting to offer myself a fun splurge that “keeps on giving,” I contemplated many of the “pick of the month”-style purchases. Should I get a bouquet of the month delivered? A wine? After considering the options, I decided to go with not one but two of the “glam bag” delivery services. These are little boxes full of cosmetics and face creams shipped once monthly. It’s a way to discover new powders and potions you would not otherwise find on your own.

I researched obsessively (you know me) and chose two: Glossybox and Ipsy. I chose Glossybox because it’s all high-end, premium brands (no drugstore stuff) and much of it is European. I know my way around a Sephora or a Macy’s beauty counter, but I’m not usually venturing deep into fine French face cream territory. I chose Ipsy because the products are chosen by a highly acclaimed beauty YouTube video blogger, it’s cutting edge and, oh yeah, it comes with a new makeup bag each month. I know I sound like the shallowest chick on the planet right about now, but the idea of this thrilled me. I love squirreling makeup away in cute little bags, especially since I travel a lot.

The Glossybox came first. I texted my daughter excitedly. (Part of the reason I went with “glam bags” and not something else like wine is that my daughter and I share make-up and I thought it would be a lot of fun to divvy up and chatter about the new products). It came in a pretty, little France-themed box. It contained a bunch of goodies, including a hot new De Bruyère Paris lip gloss I’m obsessed with, which I’ve worn every day since I got it. Two weeks after that, inexplicably, Glossybox sent another box (black and pink), full of more amazing stuff, including a face cream that feels like puffs of heaven. Today, Ipsy sent an email that my box was on its way. It’s like Christmas every day up in this crib.

I am delighted at what a fun idea this has turned out to be. When the boxes come, my daughter and I gather ’round and go through every item. Do you want this cream? This eyeshadow is so you. We sample and test and smell everything. Then, in the mornings, I am excited to get ready just so I can try my new toys. I give myself facials with the stuff they send. I slather on the face creams before I go to bed. I smell like a make-up counter and I love it. I have “put on my face” every morning since my new haircut, which in turn makes me want to dress prettier, which in turn makes me go out more, which makes me have much more fun. So, yeah. Loving me some glam bags right about now.

Glam bagIt taps into that very human desire in all of us – to be surprised and delighted. They’re absolutely affordable (Ipsy was $10 a month, Glossybox was $21 a month), but they are giving me much more than their monetary value: they are making me feel well-treated. And, what’s best: the person doing the treating? Me.








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