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Why do Iowa and New Hampshire get to have their primaries first? What stops, say, New Jersey, from deciding it’s going to move its primary up, thus making itself more politically relevant?

Also, is Trump seriously going to get the Republican nomination? Sweet universe, protect us. I keep trying to remind myself of Steve Forbes and Ross Perot’s poll numbers at this point in their races. Just as a self-soothing exercise. Failing that, I shop for real estate in Canada.

Why do people go to stores on Black Friday? Why don’t they have compassion for retail workers and stay out of stores on Thanksgiving? Why are humans do indifferent to one another’s suffering? (Clearly this is still irking me, especially after a heartbreaking chat with a local CVS worker who told me his Thanksgiving was miserable).

Why does our stuff have so much packaging? I want to not be a landfill-filler, but it’s really hard not to be.

Why do those teeth whitening strips make my teeth seem to throb? My actual teeth, not my gums. That can’t be good, right? How is that even possible?

These are the unanswerable questions I’m thinking about this week.





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