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I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to figure out this social media thing, in particular Instagram. Facebook I get, but Instagram still kind of baffles me.

Anyway, the way I hear it, one of the ways to get Instagram posts noticed is to hashtag them with lots of interesting and popular terms. (There’s even a trick to not appear to spammy – use just one or two hashtags in your original post, then add a comment full of a line of periods plus enter signs, then way down below, add a whole slew of hashtags. It serves the same effect but doesn’t clutter up the initial post).

So the other night I decided to post something I thought was not all that interesting – a picture of my drink. (Hey, I was watching the Republican convention, so alcohol was in order). Ever since I went to a phenomenal “Spicy and Sweet” party, I have been in search of the perfect spicy cocktail recipe. (There’s something about a drink with a little bit of kick that just fascinates me). Anyway, I Googled one, tried to recreate it, and failed. It tasted horrible. (My miserable recipe-following skills apparently also extend to cocktail recipes).

Frustrated, I just poured some rum in a glass, added orange juice, and stirred in a generous amount of cayenne pepper powder. I thought it was a pleasing color (and I was conscious of how boring my life seems on Instagram, full of nothing but pictures of deer and cats), so I snapped a picture.

I had just gotten home from a dinner out with a friend, and I was in a hurry. Late for the Ted Cruz speech and pretty sure it would be explosive (boy, did he not disappoint), I posted to Instagram in haste. I didn’t carefully research hashtags the way I usually do. I just tagged the post #cocktail and #recipe. It was a bit of false advertising, because I did not actually post the recipe. (Mostly because I was embarrassed by its abject simplicity).

And, yet, despite my lack of prep, my simple little picture of a glass with a drink in it on my kitchen counter is so far my most “Liked” Instagram post so far.

I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out this Instagram formula. More drinks, maybe?

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