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Tim Kaine for veep, peeps. Yes, he’s a safe choice. Yes, Warren would have been more exciting (or Sanders… imagine!).

But… habla Español! Plays harmonica with a bluegrass band. Beloved by soccer moms and security moms, popular Virginia pol, he puts that important swing state into play. He was on my short wishlist. (Along with Booker, but that’s just a Jersey pride thing).

Tim Kaine for VP!

One of the best parts of the roll-out was how flawlessly it was executed. Within a minute I saw it on CNN, Facebook, Twitter and in an email (yes, I’m a donor, and they hammer me pretty relentlessly). That’s the kind of sophisticated operation I want in charge of my White House, not that Mickey Mouse lack of coordination we just saw this previous week.

We have to win this, people. Seriously. We’re on the precipice of armageddon with President McOrangeCreamsicleHair.

Saturday afternoon update… I just watched Tim Kaine’s “coming out” speech, and I take back what I said about him being the “safe choice.” That could be one of the best political speeches I’ve ever heard. Warm, honest, hopeful, inspirational, funny. This guy is a secret (now not-so-secret) weapon. Feeling much better after that grim Republican convention.

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