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I was a little girl, newly back in the U.S. and yearning for something to help me feel powerful during a less-than-powerful time in my life. That’s when Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman show came into my life. I discovered the comic books about that time, too, and devoured the whole mythology. I have loved Wonder Woman ever since. My Outlook icon at work is Wonder Woman. There’s a Wonder Woman magnet my kids gave me on the inside of my front door. Sure, as a grown woman and a feminist, I understand that running around in your underwear isn’t exactly empowering. But there’s something uplifting and wonderful about the fact that they even tried to make a female superhero during a time when women’s rights still had so far to go.

It’s better now, but not perfect, so it’s a great time to release a movie. I have been waiting for it like crazy ever since I heard they were releasing the film. I will be there on the day it opens, with bells on. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer. It is so much better than I’d dared to let myself hope it would be. My eight-year-old Lynda Carter-loving self is doing backflips.

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