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little free libraryIf you want to feel warm and tingly all over, go visit a Little Free Library. The Little Free Library movement began in 2012 in Wisconsin, as a tribute to the founder’s mother. Perhaps you’ve seen them on the side of the road, little boxes filled with books in front of homes and businesses, in rural areas and in well-trafficked parts of town. There are so many things I love about them. Here are a few:

  • They’re on the honor system. Take a book, bring a book, no one is checking books out or keeping tabs on what’s there.
  • They open you up to unexpected surprises. As much as I love airport bookstores, Little Free Libraries are better in some ways because what you get is completely random, and so often wonderful.
  • They let you perform a random act of kindness. This is particularly close to my heart this month, as I’m trying to give 29 random gifts to strangers anonymously (a post on that later). This lets you give something special and wonderful, and never know who benefits from it. It’s a little way of spreading good karma in the world.
  • The boxes themselves are SO adorable. The people who create Little Free Libraries get so creative. Look at the one above, with a book for a roof! So cute. The sky is the limit on designing your Little Free Library.

Curious if there is a Little Free Library near you? Click here for an interactive map. And, if you don’t find one, why not create one? Spread a little joy in the world. The website linked to above has instructions and ideas for building or buying your box.

If you’ve got a Little Free Library in the U.S. or Canada, send me an email and I’ll send you a free signed book for it. Write littlefreelibrary (at) mariaeandreu (dot) com

Go forth and spread bookish love!

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