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The man who would be leader of the free world, Donald Trump, called the man who is running as vice president on the ticket opposing him “the governor of New Jersey.”

There are several problems with that statement. Probably the most obvious one is that Tim Kaine was, in fact, governor of Virginia, not New Jersey. Sure, Eastern seaboard, original colony. But… no. Not the same.

Now, as a lifetime Jersey girl I can say that I do know we once had a governor whose last name is similar, except it was Kean, not Kaine. Also, he was governor when I was in grade school and high school. He is now 81 years old. Our Kean was governor when Trump was putting together some of his casino deals, so they knew each other. And it was 30 years ago. You’d figure Trump might have put two and two together that it was not the same guy.

So here’s the thing. I really don’t believe you have to be a lifetime politician to run for office. I’m not even opposed to all Republicans on principle. (Although their nonsense on social issues has pushed me further left than I might have otherwise gone). What I object to specifically in Trump is his ignorance, and, more importantly, his total lack of curiosity, and the potentially disastrous results that could have for our nation. Ignorance can possibly be cured (although, at his stage of life, it’s a bit late in the game). But lack of curiosity is permanent.

Let’s say he’d never heard of Kaine prior to him being selected as Clinton’s VP pick. Okay. But the “New Jersey” flub came a week after the news was announced. Putting aside for a moment that Trump doesn’t seem to have advisors to clue him in, maybe provide a briefing book or two… does he not have access to Google? Wouldn’t you at least want to know what the guy’s about so you can run against him?

I shudder to think what that lack of interest in doing his homework might cause if he were to actually get elected. Bomb Iran instead of Iraq, because… who can tell those two apart? Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates… meh, who cares? They both have the word “Arab” in them. The risk of having a gleefully ignorant person with his finger on the button is truly the most terrifying prospect of our time. This is not just an election. It is an existential threat to our democracy. It is a fight for the safety and the soul of our country. Vote, and tell everyone you know to vote. Go out and register voters. This is an emergency.


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