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I have always lacked the courage to get a tattoo. Well, not lacked it, exactly, but haven’t spent much time looking for it.

When I was maybe sixteen, and like every sixteen-year-old, ever, I told my mom I was going to get a tattoo one day. She ruined it for me completely that day, saying, “Well, what will it look like when you’re eighty?”


I have toyed with the idea of a star on the ankle or some wise saying on the back of my neck from time to time, but I’ve never been able to make myself move forward. Part of it is a fear of commitment – would I still like it five years from now? Ten? The answer was decidedly “I can’t know.” But, truthfully, my mom’s words are what doomed my skin to perpetually non-inked status.

Temporary tattoos have done it for me sometimes, but they’re so often cheesy. Until now! I have come across a collection of the kind of temporary tattoos that I would totally get as real tattoos if my mom hadn’t totally ruined it for me.

Click here to check them out. I think I like the Walt Whitman one about resisting best. Although there are so many awesome ones.

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