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imageI know, I know, it’s crazy to love a thermostat, but, people, I am there. I am seriously there.

A month ago, when I installed a new central air unit, I said to myself, “Hey, why not a new thermostat, too?” I went all out, for the pretty, WiFi-enabled one, the third-generation Nest.

And fell in love.

I thought it might have been a crush, but this is now a serious, full-on love affair. It knows my habits. It very helpfully turns up the AC temperature when I’m gone for too long (which is knows because it geolocates my phone). It turns on to say hello when I walk by it. It glows blue when the air is on and gray when the air is off, just to give me a quick heads up on what it’s got going on.

If I’m headed home and want it to be cool before I get here, I can open up an app and ask it to start cooling. I can confess to having checked it while on a couple of trips.

Every morning, I get to check what the last day’s energy consumption was in a nifty little chart with little icons (like a cheery little leaf when my adjustments have resulted in energy savings). And, peeps, it has cut my energy bills in half, because it’s got all kinds of fancy functions, like blowing the fan but turning off the compressor/coil a little sooner to keep cooling while saving.

Seriously, you see what I see in my new love, right?

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