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The breeze coming in through the window of my office is spectacular. I’ve worked downstairs a lot during the summer, a thing I tell myself is for comfort, but can sometimes result in me feeling like I’m all cooped up. So, I’m in “back to school” mode, with my office clean and ready for business, all the windows in the house thrown open to let in the fresh air, and a fresh mug of tea by my side.

There is something so wonderfully hopefully about September for me. It must hearken back to the days of going back to school. I just loved (can you say LOVED) the new notebooks, the smell of pencils again, the promise of a new year of organization and learning. To this day, walking through a stationary or school supplies’ section of a store can absolutely boost my spirits. Buying new notebooks remains a compulsion. There is a certain fresh start in September. As I look out at the still-green tree outside my office window, I am uplifted and inspired.

I’ve also been reading up on productivity, and wanted to share an article I found particularly inspiring. It’s based on a book by a man who interviewed over 200 high achievers: CEOs, Olympians, and more. Although I read a lot of these types of articles, I found this one more “real world” and actionable than some of the others. So if you’re feeling like you want to hit the ground running this September, check it out. Click here.

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