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I can kind of sort of understand the overwhelm of some older (read: conservative) people in the face of a changing world. There was a time when complimenting a woman was a nice thing. Now it can get you fired. There was a time when a gay joke at a party got chuckles. Now it can get you shunned. With these shifting sands, I can see why it’s easy to just yearn for the way things used to be. Even, though, ya know, a lot of the way things used to be wasn’t so good for a lot of people, including women.

This occurred to me while listening to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” on the radio. I’ve enjoyed it on the all-Christmas radio station since as long as I can remember, with its retro vibe and cozy refrain. Baby, it is cold outside. And that must mean Christmas.

The problem is, if you listen to the lyrics with modern sensibilities, it’s kind of coercive and… maybe even a little rapey. A man tries to strong-arm a woman to stay. She objects, even going so far as to ask, “What’s in this drink?” While that may have been amusing in the 1940s, today that’s what’s known as admissible evidence.

Anyway, so my brother, the satirist, wrote a proposed modern version of it. In this one, the woman knows Jiu Jitsu. Click here to discover your new holiday favorite.










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