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Is your family awesome? Or a little nutty? Do you look forward to the holidays with them, or do you inwardly groan at the thought of Uncle Tim starting in again with the politics? I’ve been pretty blessed. My family is small but extremely cool, so I am really looking forward to the holidays this year (as always).

Still, reading is not good for anything if it’s not good for escapism, which is one of the reasons I absolutely loved this list of fictional families you might want to spend the holidays with. (Yes, of course the Weasleys from Harry Potter are on the list). My choice, the Murrys from A Wrinkle in Time did not make the cut (who doesn’t want their dinner cooked over a Bunsen burner? I don’t understand how they were passed over), but cool suggestions abound.

Click here to get your holiday fantasy family (or at least a few good reading suggestions).

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