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I have just received a notice from my internet service provider that they will no longer be supporting email as of April 7th. When I switched email addresses from Earthlink, back in the neolithic era, Gmail wasn’t quite yet a thing, so in a moment of not being very forward-thinking, I took the “free” email address that came with my “triple bundle” instead of going to an independent, free service like Gmail. This kind of tied me to a service provider with whom I was not always thrilled. But the pain of having to switch email addresses again prevented me from taking the plunge (I have one friend who still complains to me when my Earthlink email address bounces). So now they’ve done me kind of a favor! Involuntary pain sometimes leads to the best results.

So! If you’re in my email address book, you’ll be getting an automated email in the next several days with my new Gmail email address. If you’re a casual reader who only occasionally wants to reach out, I’m easiest to find on my author page on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter. There are links to all those profiles on my Contact page here on the site. My email will remain unaffected.

I’m kind of weirdly excited about this change! It means that the last reason that held me back from leaving my ISP no longer exists. Just like I cut the cord on cable and have not missed it a single day, I suspect cool new things are coming my way as a result of this change.

But first to make sure everyone knows my new address. Gah.


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