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I often held back from doing things in my teens and twenties because I was inexperienced, lacked the savvy and connections. I felt “too young.”

I had two kids, blinked, and suddenly all around me, people a decade younger than I was were accomplishing the things I’d felt too young to attempt. Enter the curse of “too old.” There had been no in-between. Such is the risk in a life lived in comparisons.

Turns out its all BS, people. There’s no “too young,” and there’s no “too old.” There is only “do” and “not do,” (to shamelessly garble Yoda). Check out this awesome piece about a 94-year-old set to reinvent electric cars (a game-changing invention which is not his first), and the stats about success in later life that you might find surprising: click here.

Should you try to be like him? No, of course not. The point is that all preconceptions are limiting, and that we should never stop being engaged, being curious, and going for our dreams, big and small.

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