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Darkly, tragically, infuriatingly, heartbreakingly, it is far too common to learn of more senseless loss of life due to gun violence in the United States. I have absolutely no doubt that one day we’ll look back at the twisted stranglehold of the NRA on our lawmakers and shake our heads that such inaction was possible. One day the phrase, “some people are just mentally ill, what can you do?” will seem as silly as “ban smoking indoors? You can’t fight the tobacco companies.”

Unfortunately that day is not today.

This week, we mourn another set of victims who should still be enjoying life with their loved ones. In searching for ways to find some solace, I again turn to books. This list is not spot-on to the specific tragedies of this week, since it focuses on school shootings, but it is a start. Told from various perspectives, including some written by actual victims of gun violence, these books provide a disturbing snapshot into one moment in American life… one I hope will soon be on the ash heap of history.

Click here to read the full list of young adult books about gun violence.

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