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There are milestones in a writer’s life that one never forgets. The first time a teacher tells you you have a knack for this writing thing, and that you should explore that. The first time someone pays you to publish words you’ve written. The first time you get an agent. Your first look at your book on a bookstore shelf.

Getting a starred review, for me, has always been one of those milestones. It means that a reputable tastemaker in the industry says that there is something to “star” about your book. Of course, lots of great books don’t get stars, so this is not to disparage any of those. But, today, LOVE IN ENGLISH got me my very first starred review, in a review by School Library Journal, and I am over the moon about it.

A few quotes from the review:

“Her characters are nuanced and their interactions endearing. Teenagers and adults alike will gain necessary perspective from reading this accessible story about a topic that affects millions.”

“An engaging novel about language, culture, and empathy. Highly recommended.”

I’m so grateful to School Library Journal and their reviewer, Karin Greenberg. You can read the full review here.

Read more about LOVE IN ENGLISH here.

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