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About Maria


I am in my illegal apartment. It has a metal shower, the floor of it nearly rusted through, which is across from the kitchen sink and the stove. The toilet is in what looks like a small closet, a step down. Separated by a half wall is the room where I keep my twin bed […]

Meet the other Maria Andreu

It is a common practice for writers to have a “Google alert” for their names to make sure they catch any mention of their books. I tell you this so you won’t think I’m vain. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m vain. I like being mentioned. And, yes, also the first thing. So that’s why […]

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I missed the Golden Globes, but I couldn’t escape Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. It littered my Facebook feed. It was on the news. Many of my liberal friends posted it with breathless captions: “Is she running?” “Oprah 2020!” “Oprah, please, we need you!” To all this I say: Oprah, please don’t. Don’t get me wrong. […]

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A distant thunder

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Lay me down now the wildness of things The tilting at windmills The perking up my ears at the call of wolves The watering of forget-me-nots The holding of seats The silence of the hollow. And let me turn away now from the sounds of thunder. I dig a small hole with my fingers In […]

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A frozen place

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“They’re saying it’s going to get down to one degree tonight.” I know. I’ve heat-wrapped the main pipe coming into my house and put my car in the garage. It’s cold here for New Jersey, even January New Jersey, and the news is aflutter with it. “I know, Ma.” “Do they mean real degrees? They […]

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Eating crickets

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Eating crickets

I am – utterly predictably and like a great percentage of the Western world – on a post-New Year’s health kick. Yes, gym, and all that, but I’m also trying to squeeze in more healthy foods so my hands will stop hurting and my death will appear less imminent. Tonight, this involved crickets. I try […]

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The difficult days

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Holidays can be hard. When they’re good, they’re magical. When they’re not, they present the ideal in stark relief. Why aren’t you happy? Why does your family snipe at each other? Why does Uncle Bob always say cringy things? I love Christmas. This one promises to be a good one. And yet it’s a mixed […]

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I am America

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America is in a dark place, and it’s sometimes hard to watch. I was reminded of this as I read the news this morning: one headline said that some Republican law makers who voted for the “tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy” bill planned to retire and go into the private sector, where they […]

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This is the day

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Regular readers will know that the winter solstice is a special day for me, and that I often mark it with a post. The winter solstice is the day that taught me to look on the bright side. I live in the northeast, where winter can often loom long. Winters can be hard, but I […]

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I am a world-class avoider of things. Seriously, I could teach a class. Like… a graduate-level class. I am singularly talented at not doing what I tell myself I want to be doing. Be it another commitment, an ache that requires rest, an urgent need to stare off into nothing… if it can be put […]

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